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How It Works

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 Step 1: Revelation 

Sign up for a Dwelink membership online. 

• The Dwelink Introduction meeting is scheduled to introduce you to your personal HomeMate.


 Step 2: Alliance 

  • Connect with your dedicated HomeMate through a virtual meeting. 

  • Discuss your household’s unique needs and concerns. 

  • Collaborate to lay the foundation for exceptional home care.

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 Step 3: Strategize 

  • A comprehensive home assessment is conducted by your HomeMate. Every corner of your home is analyzed to identify maintenance needs and safety concerns. 

  • Your HomeMate sets up your Digital Home Catalog in the Dwelink App. 


 Step 4: Mobilize 

  • The Dwelink team prepares actionable quotes and schedules tasks. 

  • A personalized Do-It list is provided and prioritized based on urgency to get your home back to near new condition. 


 Step 5: Activate 

  • Activate your tailored Do-It list through the Dwelink app. 

  • Dwelink-Certified professionals are assembled by your HomeMate to repair, restore, and remediate your home to near new status.

  • Get real time updates on the status of your home’s maintenance and repair.

  • Through meticulous care and attention, your home is renewed to its original charm.


 Step 6: Reclamation 

  • A customized annual maintenance plan is established to ensure your home remains in pristine condition over time. 

  • Access Dwelink’s services anytime for home projects or repairs.

  • Contact your HomeMate anytime through the Dwelink app using the Do-It button.

Key Features

  • One place to go for all your home needs

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • Annual and quarterly home assessments​

  • Technology platform built to enable homeowners experience

  • Home inventory and maintenance records

  • Smart Scheduling​

  • Remote Support​

  • Smart Devices​

  • Pro-active notifications

  • One bill for all your home maintenance needs

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