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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s

Question 1. What is Dwelink? 

Dwelink is an exclusive membership-based home maintenance service that combines a home maintenance expert (HomeMate) and advanced technology to make it easier for you to maintain your home. With a personal home advocate and a customized home maintenance plan that is tailor-made to your specific needs, you have peace of mind knowing your home is in good hands.


Question 2. What is included in a Dwelink membership? 

Starting at $100 a month, Members have access to these core benefits: 

  • HomeMate: Member’s single point of contact, and home maintenance and repair expert (handy person)

  • Home Assessment: a comprehensive analysis of the home and the home systems and their condition.  

  • Customized Do-It List: a comprehensive list of all Home Renewal or Home Maintenance jobs necessary to bring the Member’s house to Near New condition. 

  • Customized Annual Home Maintenance Plan: a comprehensive list of recurring maintenance required to maintain the Member’s house at Near New condition and the proper running of all the home systems. 

  • Access to Dwelink-Certified professionals: trusted partners and vendors assembled by your HomeMate to repair, restore, and remediate your home. 

  • Quarterly visits from your HomeMate which include: 

  • Check and inspect assessments of your home

  • One hour of complimentary “While You’re Here” service. Examples: Rewire a switch, change light bulbs, unclog a sink, add a storm door, etc. 

  • HVAC filters replaced 

  • Smoke detectors/ CO2 batteries replaced annually 


Question 3. What is a HomeMate? 


A HomeMate is the Member's one point of contact for all your home maintenance needs. 

  • Serves as liaison between the Member and all Dwelink services and Dwelink-Certified Professionals 

  • Completes the Home Assessment and While You’re Here tasks.  

  • Obtains quotes, schedules and oversees any tasks on the Do-It list, Customized Maintenance List, or Home Project. 


In short, your personal Dwelink home advocate so you can relax knowing a professional is taking care of all the details for you. 


Question 4. What are the benefits of regular home assessments? 


Regular assessments help identify potential issues before they become major problems, saving you both time and money. They also ensure that your home remains safe and comfortable.  At the time of the assessment, we also do preventative maintenance such as changing air filters to keep the HVAC unit running smoothly, and you provide you with an hour of handy person work for that list you need completed.   


Question 5.  How do I get my home back to “near new”? 

Activate Dwelink’s Do-It List!  


Perform any Home Renewal or Home Maintenance jobs or tasks on the Do-It List to get Member’s home back to “near new” (the state of being as close to new as possible). 


  • Home Renewal: Examples: rot repair, drywall work, exterior paint, etc.).  


  • Home Maintenance: Examples: Deferred and Preventative maintenance (HVAC, gutter cleaning) and Break-fix (plumbing leak, HVAC system breakdown) 


Question 6. How do I maintain my home’s “near new” state on an ongoing basis? 

Activate Dwelink’s Customized Annual Home Maintenance Plan! 

Perform recurring Home Maintenance to keep your house Near New and proper running of all home systems.  


Question 7. Does Dwelink offer larger scale projects? 

Yes, Dwelink can support Home Projects that require multiple visits to complete. 


These include: 

  • Bathroom remodels 

  • Kitchen renovations 

  • Fence installed 

  • Deck being built 


If you need any of these services, we will get you multiple quotes through Dwelink Certified Professionals, approved vendors and partners held to Dwelink’s high standards. Once approved by you, we will schedule the work to be done. We will also oversee their work, as if we were the homeowner.  But who would do this, you might ask… your Dwelink HomeMate! 


Question 8. Can I cancel my membership at any time, and is there a cancellation fee? 


You are free to cancel your membership at any time without incurring a cancellation fee. We would prefer to have 2 months’ notice, but again, you can cancel at any time. 


We would like you to be genuinely happy with our service, and if you do not see any value in our service, you are free to cancel your membership at any time without incurring a cancellation fee.  


Question 9. Do you serve my area? 


Our service area may vary, so please check with our customer service team to confirm if we operate in your location. We strive to expand our service coverage to accommodate as many homeowners as possible.  However, we are selective about choosing a home and homeowners who will benefit the most from the Dwelink service. 


Question 10. How do I sign up for a membership, and what's the process? 


Simply visit our website @ and use the Sign-Up Form or by phone 1-833-Dwelink (393-5465) ). Using either will set up a 30-min phone or video consultation with you to go over our Membership Package and other benefits from our service. You can then decide if you would like to become a member. 

Question 11. How can I contact customer support if I have questions or need assistance? 


You can reach our customer support team by phone, email, or through our website's contact form. We're here to answer your questions and provide any assistance you may need. 

Phone: 1-833-Dwelink (393-5465) 


We hope these FAQs provide you with a clear understanding of our membership-based home maintenance service. If you have any additional questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're committed to helping you maintain a safe, comfortable, and worry-free home. 

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