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Dwelink is a game-changer for real estate professionals.

The Value of Dwelink for a new homeowner

As a new home buyer, your most valuable asset will be cared for and maintained by Dwelink. You are not alone in finding people to keep up with routine maintenance or finding reliable people to do work. Dwelink HomeMates are professional home maintenance experts, and rely on a team of Dwelink-certified vendors and partners who ensure your home continues to be a haven. And Dwelink will do the rest for you!

The Value of Dwelink for the home seller

As a home seller, you offer the added benefit of selling a house with a customized maintenance plan specific to the home you are selling. This ensures top dollar when selling the home, and the person buying a home receives the benefit of a full assessment of their home, knowing what needs to be done and when. Even greater, Dwelink already has trusted people in place to continue its upkeep. 

The Value of Dwelink for the realtor

As a realtor, you have the added benefit of offering an independent third-party that cares for the home and the outcome of the sale of that house. Our goal at Dwelink is to truly be an advocate for that home and homeowner. With the transition from one owner to another, we are always looking out for the best interest of the house and keeping it at its highest intended purpose and value.

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