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Job Title: HomeMate

About Dwelink:

Join Dwelink's team, and be part of reinventing home maintenance in Charlotte, NC! As a membership-based service, we streamline the homeowner experience. With personalized support from our HomeMate advocates and advanced technology, we've developed an unmatched home maintenance solution, making caring for your home easier than ever. If you're passionate about helping others, join our friendly and innovative team!


Job Description:

As a HomeMate, you will be at the heart of our mission to deliver exceptional home maintenance services. You will act as a personal home advocate and home maintenance expert for our members, ensuring their homes are maintained to the highest standards. Your role will involve a deep understanding of each member's home, conducting thorough inventories and assessments to identify and prioritize maintenance tasks.



  • Maintain day to day interaction & relationship with homes and members.

  • Perform home maintenance and handy tasks including minor electric, plumbing, carpentry, and lawn cleanup.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of each Dwelink member's home to which they are assigned.

  • Assist the Senior HomeMate in creating and maintaining the Digital Home Catalogue for each assigned member.

  • Assist the Senior HomeMate in creating and maintaining assessment scores for each assigned member.

  • Carry out all responsibilities and processes, as outlined in the HomeMate Handbook.

  • Evaluate the condition of the home and score inventory items for the Home Quality Index (HQI).

  • Review and discuss the recommended "Do-It" items and maintenance schedules with members.

  • Decide on the most efficient and effective approach to maintenance, determining tasks to be handled in-house versus those requiring a Dwelink Certified Partner.

  • Maintain all communication and coordination with Dwelink Certified Partners.

  • Manage and optimize job profitability through efficient planning and work consolidation.

  • Ensure consistent and proactive communication with members and team members.

  • Manage time and schedules meticulously to provide an outstanding experience for members.

  • Collaborate with vendor care specialists to manage vendor requirements and expectations.

  • Partner with member care specialists to align on and manage member expectations.

  • Track all work activities and time in field management software, ensuring detailed job entries and accurate invoicing.


Administrative Duties:

  • Complete administrative tasks related to home assessments, including time tracking and job assignment in field management software.

  • Prepare and manage quotes for maintenance activities, converting quotes to jobs and scheduling follow-up visits as needed.

  • Ensure clear documentation of all work performed and communicate effectively with members regarding job status and completion.

  • Invoice for completed jobs promptly, adhering to weekly invoicing schedules.

  • Participate in weekly team meetings to review work activity, hours, jobs, issues, invoices, and upcoming schedules.


Skills and Requirements:

  • Proven experience as a skilled handy person or in a similar role within the home maintenance industry.

  • Strong knowledge of home systems and structures, with the ability to diagnose and prioritize maintenance needs.

  • Excellent organizational and planning skills, with a focus on efficiency and profitability.

  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, with a commitment to providing high-quality member experiences and open, authentic and proactive communication with members, partners, and Dwelink team members.

  • Proficiency in using digital tools and platforms for inventory management, scheduling, and communication.

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team, with a proactive and problem-solving approach, always ready to assist and share knowledge.

  • Commitment to continuous learning and improvement in home maintenance practices.

  • Embody Dwelink Values: Reflect kindness, authenticity, reliability, and excellence.


Dwelink Core Values:

Courteous – We are kind and help others.

Authentic – We demonstrate truth and honesty.

Reliable – We honor our word and our actions.

Excellence – We excel through collaboration and continuous learning.


Cultural Fit:

  • You are someone who shows up consistently, not just physically, but with your whole self, ready to engage and contribute positively to our community.

  • Your authenticity shines through in your work, allowing you to form genuine connections with members and colleagues alike.

  • You thrive on collaboration and are always looking for ways to help others, whether by sharing knowledge, offering support, or simply being there when needed.

  • You understand the importance of continuous personal and professional development, actively seeking opportunities to learn and grow.

  • You navigate challenges with grace, always ready to apologize, forgive, and move forward with a positive and constructive attitude.


Join Us:

If you are passionate about home maintenance and enjoy making a tangible difference in people's lives, Dwelink offers a rewarding opportunity to become a key player in our innovative service model. As a HomeMate, you will enjoy the satisfaction of keeping homes in top condition while building lasting relationships with our members. Join us in redefining home maintenance and delivering peace of mind to homeowners everywhere.

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