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Empowered by the Trades: An Interview with Dianna

Updated: Jun 21

Interview with Dianna Vasquez, Operations Manager at Dwelink.

Tell us about yourself Dianna: I am a wife and a mother of 3 children, I was born in Los Angeles but moved here when I was 3 so I consider myself a North Carolinian. I love reading books, connecting with nature and working on farms in Mexico with my husband.

Can you describe your background in the trades?: I am the daughter of a contractor. I am the niece of someone who does concrete and I am the wife of someone who does drywall. As you can see the trades are a part of who I am and I love it!

Tell us a little about She Built This City: She Built This City is a non-profit that empowers women, transforms communities and builds a future of equal opportunities in the skilled trades. After being a housewife for 10 years, I started feeling the urge to pursue something more. I had been struggling with health issues, and during that time, my priorities began to shift. I started feeling like I was wasting my potential and wanted to achieve something more meaningful in life. I then enrolled in the She Built This City program and graduated in October 2023. Through this experience. Through this experience, I realized that I had gained significant project management skills from working in our family businesses. I fell in love with She Built This City's mission and became a passionate advocate for their cause. This enthusiasm led to a custom-made role perfectly suited for me!

Why do you work for Dwelink?: First and foremost, I have a deep passion for the trades and project management. I also love empowering people to become their best selves. One of the things I admire most about Dwelink is their strong family-oriented culture. The dynamic between the brother-and-sister duo, Todd and Lindsey, the Marketing Manager, is inspiring. The entire team feels like a close-knit family, which is especially comforting given my health challenges. Todd stands out as an exceptional leader—intelligent and compassionate. He genuinely cares for his employees, prioritizing their well-being above his own, and embracing everyone as individuals.

Where do you see Dwelink in the future?: 

As a new member of the Dwelink team, I aim to bring fresh perspectives and foster connections to sustain our momentum. We're introducing new services for our members and expanding our team. The future with Dwelink is incredibly promising!

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