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What is Dwelink?

Updated: Feb 22

Your home is your greatest asset. The place where you entertain and where you rest. It is your haven. But, it's hard to take care of, and Dwelink understands that. We are here to help solve this problem!

Dwelink is an exclusive membership-based home maintenance program offered here currently in Charlotte, North Carolina. It's empowered by some pretty amazing people and great technology. The first thing about the Dwelink membership is that we want to get to know your home. We do so with a a home assessment. Not an inspection, an assessment. What's going on in your house? An assessment is what needs to be fixed, what's there, what needs to be maintained, and also an inventory of the home. This is actually done by a HomeMate.

The HomeMate is the person assigned to your home, similar to a property manager or a facility manager who has intimate knowledge and details of your home and is dedicated to taking care of your house. We come out on a regular basis so we're there quarterly, and quarterly maintenance that include HVAC and fire alarms and 25-point inspections seasonally.

And the most important thing is you get the Dwelink app. In that app, it has your customized maintenance schedule. It has your full inventory. And has the Do-It button. Anything you need to do, let Dwelink do it.

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